Abbey Road, June 25, 1967


Tested & Confirmed.

The day you betrayed yourself completely, was the day that you decided you would only be with yourself based on the condition that you felt good. So you have been trying to feel good all your life, so you could be with yourself and feel whole again, without realizing that you could just decide to be with yourself here and now, regardless of how you feel.

- Teal Swan, The Answer You’ve Been Looking For (via wordfvl)


"I made the mistake of dating inside the friend group. Then when we broke up, the friend group went with him."


Nadja Jovanovic (b. Belgrade, Serbia) - Void, 2013     Paintings: Acrylics on Canvas


Nadeesha Godamunne (Sri Lankan, resides New Zealand) - Naomi, 2011     Portraitures 


Chin H Shin (USA) - On The Way Home, 2013     Paintings: Oil on Canvas